For those looking for adventure and diversity, Arizona is the place for you. In Arizona, you can find different geographical terrains and climates to suit your need. Known for its sprawling deserts and extreme weathers, you can be sure of a unique experience the next time you visit Arizona.

Arizona is the home of the Grand Canyon, the massive canyon with a national park surrounding it. Nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming experience of standing at the edge of the 9000 feet canyon, as your voice echo from the deep beyond. The Grand Canyon is one of the largest tourist attraction in the US. The national park is home to unique species of flora and fauna, including the California condor, mule deer, and Desert Big Horn sheep.

When you visit Arizona, you are in one of the largest home of the Native American people, with 22 tribes that maintain their reservations in this state. You can experience the unique native culture of the Americas, with their sacred dances, holy rituals, and authentic handicrafts.

Arizona has many popular universities such as Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. International students studying at these universities need to have health insurance and Study USA healthcare is an affordable option.