Nobody will doubt the attraction of one of the World’s Natural Wonders, the Grand Canyon, in Arizona. The awesome beauty cannot be measured and no words can truly express this majestic expanse of rock formations, ridges and gorges. Many prefer a plane or helicopter ride, but the best way to fully experience it, is taking the canyon trails by hiking to the bottom.
There are some brilliant canyon trails to take like the Rim or Bright Angel trails, during canyon tours. Colorado River rafting is one of the top things tourists opt for during an Arizona holiday at the Grand Canyon. Hikers are advised never to hike alone and a guide stays the best option.
Touring the South Rim to Desert View, then a drive through Navajo reservation to Marble Canyon, before travelling up Kaibab Plateau on to Jacob Lake to the Northern side of the Canyon is an experience many adventurers love to experience.
A myriad of attractions at Grand Canyon Village makes it a popular home base for canyon tourists. A large variety of hotels, camping parks and lodgings are available and it is advisable to book in advance as bookings are almost always on a waiting list.
Lodges and Cabins Such as Bright angel are located only feet’s away from the Canyon rim and magnificent views are all around with delectable south western cuisine. It is also the point for the Mule ride, which can be fully booked for up to a year at some times. The Mule canyon tour will start with a trip through a forest and keeping an eye out you will see wild life along the way. Breath-taking views and grandeur atop vertical drops during a 2 and a ½ hour mule ride.
A magical lodging facility below the rim is the Phantom Ranch and it can only be reached by canyon trails, rafting the Colorado River as it is at the bottom of the Canyon reservations and very popular for the adventurous who loves walking, hiking and river rafting. Eleven rustic and unique cabins with a canteen for meals and sundries, makes here a necessity.