As we rapidly approach our beautiful state’s 100th birthday:

The Arizona Republic has noted that Carl Hayden (1877-1972) is often recognized as the most influential Arizonan in helping the state move from a dusty frontier to a major force in America. While Hayden is no longer with us, your audience can still enjoy learning about Arizona’s colorful history through an entertaining and educational Chautauqua (Living History) presentation in many of the words of Hayden.

Larry Edmonds has been presenting this first-person, in-character educational and entertaining showcase program AS Carl Hayden, researched, written and developed thanks to an original grant from the Arizona Humanities Council. Larry has presented at dozens of nonprofit and for-profit organizations in virtually every corner of Arizona and many, many points in both urban and rural areas.

Larry is on the faculty as ASU and his area of study as an undergraduate and as a graduate student was performance studies. He has been a practicing Chautauquan for years, bringing Hayden, Barry Goldwater, George W.P. Hunt, and Ernest “Mac” McFarland to life for many appreciative audiences.

If you are interested in having a Carl Hayden presentation for Arizona’s centennial at your organization’s event(s), please visit this website for information how to begin the process of scheduling the presentation.

For additional information, Larry may be reached by email at: