Arizona, the Grand Canyon State


For those looking for adventure and diversity, Arizona is the place for you. In Arizona, you can find different geographical terrains and climates to suit your need. Known for its sprawling deserts and extreme weathers, you can be sure of a unique experience the next time you visit Arizona.

Arizona is the home of the Grand Canyon, the massive canyon with a national park surrounding it. Nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming experience of standing at the edge of the 9000 feet canyon, as your voice echo from the deep beyond. The Grand Canyon is one of the largest tourist attraction in the US. The national park is home to unique species of flora and fauna, including the California condor, mule deer, and Desert Big Horn sheep.

When you visit Arizona, you are in one of the largest home of the Native American people, with 22 tribes that maintain their reservations in this state. You can experience the unique native culture of the Americas, with their sacred dances, holy rituals, and authentic handicrafts.

Arizona has many popular universities such as Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. International students studying at these universities need to have health insurance and Study USA healthcare is an affordable option.

Arizona Centennial and Carl Hayden

As we rapidly approach our beautiful state’s 100th birthday:

The Arizona Republic has noted that Carl Hayden (1877-1972) is often recognized as the most influential Arizonan in helping the state move from a dusty frontier to a major force in America. While Hayden is no longer with us, your audience can still enjoy learning about Arizona’s colorful history through an entertaining and educational Chautauqua (Living History) presentation in many of the words of Hayden.

Larry Edmonds has been presenting this first-person, in-character educational and entertaining showcase program AS Carl Hayden, researched, written and developed thanks to an original grant from the Arizona Humanities Council. Larry has presented at dozens of nonprofit and for-profit organizations in virtually every corner of Arizona and many, many points in both urban and rural areas.

Larry is on the faculty as ASU and his area of study as an undergraduate and as a graduate student was performance studies. He has been a practicing Chautauquan for years, bringing Hayden, Barry Goldwater, George W.P. Hunt, and Ernest “Mac” McFarland to life for many appreciative audiences.

If you are interested in having a Carl Hayden presentation for Arizona’s centennial at your organization’s event(s), please visit this website for information how to begin the process of scheduling the presentation.

For additional information, Larry may be reached by email at:

Grand Canyon Bus Tour

Up to a mile deep, 18 miles wide, and a jaw-dropping 277 miles long, the Grand Canyon is a stupendous chasm in the Earth’s surface. In fact, it’s one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Every year, about five million people go there to feast their eyes.
There are several options for exploring this huge but spectacular region. Grand Canyon motor coach tours are one of the most enjoyable, and they’re also one of the least expensive ways to visit the National Park. Better yet, bus tours are suitable for travelers of any age and physical condition. Here’s some important information about Grand Canyon bus tours:
First, before you choose a specific tour company, decide whether you’ll visit the South Rim or the West. The South Rim is famous for its mind-blowing natural beauty. Renowned Yavapai Point is just one of the wonderful lookouts at this rim. Grand Canyon West (the West Rim) is known more for thrills, adventure and excitement. Among other things, that’s where you’ll find the internationally acclaimed Grand Canyon Skywalk (the “Glass Bridge”).
Many tour companies operate Grand Canyon bus tours, so make sure to choose one that has a good reputation and offers safe but terrific tours. When you’re selecting your tour and tour operator, be aware that some companies run basic tours that take you to the main canyon highlights, while others have more extensive, deluxe versions. Some of the exciting add-on possibilities include:
• A 30-minute chopper flight from the South Rim to the North Rim and back;
• A float trip down the Colorado; and
• Landing at the top of the rim, where you’ll have more than two hours to explore.
A free shuttle bus service operated by the National Park runs at the South Rim. Half-day, all-day or overnight tours of the South Rim are available. Most of these motor coach tours include lunch; breakfast or dinner are also provided on all-day trips. For safety reasons, age and weight restrictions might apply to some of the more adventurous excursions. Travelers with mobility issues should be careful during these trips.

Canyon Touring Agencies

Looking for the best agencies for a canyon tour? Some of the following agencies offer an unforgettable canyon tour at different prices, different routes, canyon trails, one day tours and longer tours to suit you.
• Adventure Photo Tours – offers tourists sightseeing safari tours which include the Grand Canyon Tour, Bryce canyon tour, Valley of fire tour, Colorado River rafting, Zion tour, Hoover Dam tour and much more. These above tours and others include: Cameras and film, out of the vehicle exploring and canyon trails, free Las Vegas hotel pick-up and return, free snacks and water, free lunches, and luxurious transportation.
• Viator – offers Air, helicopter, balloon tours, cruises, sailing, water tours, cultural and theme tours, Grand Canyon tour, day trips and more. The special Grand Canyon tour will leave you a breath-taking 4 hours with panoramic views as well as the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Views from Eagle Point and Guano Point at the following prices: Tour Only – $109.99
Tour and Skywalk – $ 144.49
Tour, helicopter and boat – $279.99
• Vegas tours – offers some top featured Grand Canyon Tours such as the:
Skywalk express tour
Grand Canyon West Rim and Lunch
Grand Canyon picnic
Grand Canyon South Rim Adventure
Canyon Dream
Grand Celebration – 4 hour tour
• Papillon Grand Canyon Tours – offers amazing Helicopter, Airplane, Bus and Rafting canyon tour. The special off the month is the Helicopter tour with wonderful aerial views of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead for only $239 per person.
• Grand Canyon Touring Company – offers several Grand Canyon tours, including the South Rim Bus Tour for only $79.99 per person and this includes a snack as well as lunch. The Daily Express Skywalk, 3 in 1 Grand Voyager Expedition which includes canyon trails, West Rim Bus and Skywalk, South Rim Bike Ride and more. Guided VIP tours and South Rim Air/Ground and more are of the amazing opportunities.

A Great Canyon Tour for 8 Unforgettable Days

There are hundreds of touring companies to choose from when you want to plan your canyon tour. In the next few weeks we will show you some top companies for no other reason other than they have competitive prices and awesome destinations.
One of these companies that attract attention is Caravan Tours that offers an 8 day canyon tour from only $1, 095 per person and is all inclusive, except for the airfares. It is a canyon tour that starts in Phoenix and ends in Las Vegas. After Phoenix you will enjoy sightseeing along Camelback Mountain and on towards a visit to Montezuma Castle, on your way to Sedona you will be surrounded by the majestic red rock formations and through Oak Creek Canyon before you arrive at the Grand Canyon where you stay in a luxury lodge inside Grand Canyon national park. The tour includes canyon trails at the South Rim during your two night stay.
Hiking trails, biking trails while you enjoy the West Rim of one of the natural wonders of the world. Sunrises and sunsets at the Grand Canyon are one of the most amazing experiences anyone can wish for. On day four of your tour you will visit the East Rim of the Grand Canyon and crossing the Glen Canyon Dam towards Lake Powell Resort where you will sleep over for two nights. During your stay here you will experience a scenic boat cruise through the Antelope Canyon of Lake Powell.
You will visit Najavo Indian County on day five, before you travel on to Kanab and Bryce Canyon. A luxurious two night stay at Zion lodge in the Zion National Park, during which you will enjoy scenic trails. On your final day of the tour you will move on to Las Vegas where you will enjoy great sights at the dazzling Vegas strip.

Traveller’s Top Choices of Canyon Tours

The Grand Canyon remains one of the top traveller choices in favourite destinations in the world. Adventure lovers are especially fond of different canyon trails they can explore during a canyon tour. This natural wonder of the world is at places 18 miles wide, 270 miles long and a depth of a mile. Anybody even those who have never had the privilege to visit this overwhelming and intricate landscape of ancient rocks, wants to know more about this true wonder. Some of the tour companies offering a wide variety of different adventure canyon trails and canyon tours with different lengths and accommodations are:
• Las Vegas Canyon Tours – they offer helicopter tours from different locations to different parts of the canyon, Luxury Motor Coach Tours, Boating Tours and more.
• Viator Grand Canyon Tours – Helicopter Tours, Canyon Trails, Bus Tours, Day Trips, 3-day trips and more and all overnight trips are inclusive of meals and accommodation.
• Papillon Grand Canyon Tour Guide – Helicopter Tours, Airplane Tours, Bus Tours and Hiking Tours.
• All Star Grand Canyon Tours – Offers daily tours from Flagstaff to the surrounding areas for backpacking and hiking.
• Grand Canyon Tours – Offers daily and lengthy Motor Coach tours, Helicopter Tours, Train Tours, Inner-Canyon Jeep Tours, Smooth Water Floating Tours and prides themselves to be the grandfather of all Grand Canyon Touring and sightseeing companies.
• Pink Jeep Tours – Travellers will depart from Sedona in luxurious comfort in a Pink Jeep, it is custom built for rough terrain and for the adventure seekers this will be the ultimate experience. Canyon trails, hiking and unforgettable sights that cannot be experienced from air tours.
• National Park Service – Offers guided tours via bus, bicycle, air, jeep, raft, mule, hiking, and van. Extremely educational and great for schools and university students as they will learn more about the history, ecology, geology, archaeology and more of the Grand Canyon and experience it first hand.

Unforgettable Day Tours of the Majestic Canyon

• Grand Canyon Railway Adventure
Experience the Grand Canyon by Railway for exceptional views of the Northern Arizona countryside, followed by kaleidoscopic views of the Peaks of San Francisco, before rolling through small canyons, dense pine forests and high desert plains.
30 minutes before departure of the train, tourists will be entertained with a Wild West Show at Williams’s depot. Ticket prices for the canyon tour which lasts approximately 5 hours range from $126.49 Coach Class, $198.79 First Class, $138.49 Coach Class with Lunch to $210.79 First Class with Lunch.

• South Rim Day Trip – Sedona
Regardless of the hotel you stay in, in Sedona, you will be picked up before 8 in the morning for an unforgettable 11 hour canyon tour. The tour pricing for the day ranges from $153.39 to $170.99 and inclusions are transportation, entrance fees, hotel pickup, and drop off, bottled water, snacks, and guide. During the guided tour tourists will learn more about the history of one of the World’s Natural Wonders, Grand Canyon.
Driving through Oak Creek Canyon, known as one of the most scenic and first stop is the National Park at Grand Canyon Village. Tourist can visit gift shops, explore historic buildings or walk along canyon trails and experience the magic from great lookouts. The Painted Desert and Colorado River can be viewed from the South Rim, where you will be at. Little Colorado River Gorge is where you will be driving along next and into Navajo Nation, before returning back to respective hotels.

• West Rim Adventure and Skywalk
A 7 hour tour from Phoenix including, a scenic air tour of the Grand Canyon, ground tour, helicopter flight, water float trip, Skywalk tour, Lunch and pick up, drop off. This will be the ultimate experience with everything in one package for the adventurous at heart. Canyon trails to hike, lunch at the Rim, a Canyon tour to Eagle Point and much more. Complete your Arizona vacation with one of these Canyon tours to have memories of a lifetime.

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